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Team Home Run Derby Competition

Posted: May 7, 2024

Each team will choose 2 hitters to compete with 1 coach pitching to them. 1st Round All teams will compete (order chosen randomly) with the 2 designated hitters previously chosen. Each Hitter will get 6 outs. Any ball not hit over the fence in fair territory is an out. Foul balls, swing & miss, etc. are all outs. Players (not the hitters) from the team batting next will play the field and shag balls (infield/... continue reading about Team Home Run Derby Competition

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Josh Hall - Coach

Jake Redman - Athletic Director

Team Roster

Carter J

Chase W

Coen H

Easton H

Gage M

Garrett C

Hendrick C

Hudson P

Jack M

Jaxson S

Kason Z

Landry N

Liam L

Noah K

Oakley B

Rhett V

River N

River N

William M

Zaden L